Custom Rectangular Metal Stamp for Jewelry Custom Leather Stamp Metal


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A logo should be high-resolution in black and white (without gray shades) in JPEG, PNG or other image file formats. You can also upload a VECTOR file, changing "Image Files" to "All Files" option in the uploading "Open window". If you need an EXACT size for your design(s), please text us to the email address: using your order number.

Our custom metal stamps are designed for applying logos to flat metal surfaces, as well as thick genuine leather. With this custom jewelry stamp you can recreate a design on your handmade products to make them unique. The punch stamps can be also used for silver marking and as a knife maker's mark for blades' stamping.


— You should attach a high-resolution black and white (of one color: without gray shades) logo in JPEG, PNG by clicking the "Browse..." button.

— Black areas of your logo will be raised on a stamp.

— A logo can be small enough (from 2 millimeters) but the logo's lines must not be less than 0.2 millimeter in thickness, the least diameter of a steel rod is 6 mm (for comfortable work by a hammer).

— ONE INCH = 25.4 mm

— You should place your blanks to a solid flat surface (an anvil e.g.).

— Then put the stamp perpendicular to the blank and make a strong accurate blow with a heavy hammer.

— If you don't have enough power to make it, ask someone else to do it or use a press.

— Notice if your logo has large black areas or the logo's lines are larger than 0.4 millimeter in thickness it might be difficult to make an impression in durable metals.

— The length of stamps' steel rod: from 60 mm to 120 mm (it depends on the size of a logo).

— The stamps' steel is hardened.

— The working part of the stamps is made by the method of laser engraving (the depth is 0.8-1.2 mm).

— The stamps have hardness about 54-58 HRCe.

— That is a high-quality product made in Europe (stamps have high-resolution, high-quality and precision of lines).