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A logo should be high-resolution in black and white (without gray shades) in JPEG or PNG format

Our custom coining tools are designed for applying logos to flat metal discs. With this coin mint you can recreate a design on your handmade coins or medals both one side and two-sided branded to make them unique. The coin making equipment (coin punches) can be also used with a hydraulic press for souvenir coins making.

— A coin or a medal can be branded on two sides at the same time.


— You should attach a high-resolution black and white (of one color: without gray shades) logo in JPEG, PNG by clicking the "Browse..." button.

— You can choose a diameter for the coin's logos (from 10 millimeters to 32 millimeters).

— You can also choose (optional) a set of metal blanks for the minting tool: brass, copper or aluminum.

— Black areas of your logo will be RAISED on the MINTED COINS.

— Lines of a logo must not be less than 0.2 millimeter in thickness.

— ONE INCH = 25.4 mm

A) By using a hydraulic press (80–120 tons).

B) Hand-minting:
1. Find a wooden stump made of especially hard wood (e.g. oak) with a diameter of 40-50 cm and a height of at least 50 cm. In addition, you should have a hammer weighing 6-8 kg.
2. Mark the positions of the four tool holes on a stump.
3. Drill four 5 mm holes.
4. Fasten the minting tool on the stump using four self-tapping screws.
5. Put the bottom stamp (die), a coin blank and the upper stamp to the minting tool. Rotate the minting stamps so the obverse of a coin coincides with the reverse of the coin.
6. Make a sharp strong blow with a hammer exactly in the middle of the minting tool top. A quality of coinage depends on the strength of an impact and an accuracy of hitting.
7. To get better minting results, you can make several hammer blows.
In this case, it is necessary to control the position of the coin blank relative to the bottom and the upper stamps each time.
A coin blank should be in an engagement with the stamps, in other words the imprinted logo on a coin blank should be in recesses of the stamps.
8. Coin blanks are increased in diameter after minting, and they may be stuck in the guide ring. To remove a coin, you should strike with a small hammer using the opposite side of any stamp.

— The minting tool is hardened.

— The height of the tool with a lid is 11.95 centimeters.

— That is high-quality product made by using laser technology in Ukraine (stamps have high-resolution, high-quality and precision of lines).

The minting tool consists of:
• Universal frame (anvil) for stamps mounting.

• One set of individual (custom logo) stamps (2 pieces).