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A logo should be high-resolution in black and white (without gray shades) in JPEG, PNG or other image file formats. You can also upload a VECTOR file, changing "Image Files" to "All Files" option in the uploading "Open window". If you need an EXACT size for your design(s), please text us to the email address: using your order number.

Our custom coins and medals can be used as a memento, wedding gift or invitation. You can recreate a design on a fake souvenir coin to make a handmade unique item. Personalized coin can be used as your company merch with a customized business logo or design. We can use copper, brass or aluminum blanks in coining process.


— You should attach black and white (of one color) TWO (2) designs - for two sides of a coin in PDF; SVG; AI; EPS; CDR; EMF; formats by clicking the "Browse..." button and choosing "All Files".

OR you can attach high-resolution black and white (of one color: without gray shades) TWO (2) designs in one image in JPEG, PNG by clicking the "Browse..." button.

—  You may also send me a VECTOR file (a single color design) to the email address: in PDF; SVG; AI; EPS; CDR; EMF; formats.

— You can choose a diameter for your future coins (25 millimeters or 32 millimeters).

— You can also choose a material for the coins: brass, copper or aluminum.

— Black areas of your logo will be RAISED on the MINTED COINS.

— Lines of a logo must not be less than 0.2 millimeter in thickness.

— ONE INCH = 25.4 mm.

— The thickness of coins is 2 millimeters.

— Coins can be double-side branded.

— That is a high-quality product made in Europe (coins have high-resolution, high-quality and precision of lines).