Custom Wax Seal Stamp Seal Monogram Sealing Wax Stamp Personalized


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A logo should be high-resolution in black and white (without gray shades) in JPEG or PNG format

Custom Wax Seal Stamp, Personalized Sealing Wax Stamp

— You should attach a high-resolution black and white (of one color: without gray shades) logo in JPEG, PNG by clicking the "Browse..." button.

— Black areas of your logo will be raised on branded seal wax.

— Black areas of your design must be no less than 0.4 mm in thickness (as they would be filled with wax) and the white areas of your design must be no less than 0.2 mm in thickness (as they would be raised on the stamp).

— ONE INCH = 25.4 mm

— The seal wax stamps have natural wooden handles made of ash-tree.

— The diameter of the stamp is 30 MM (about 1.2 inches).

— The length of the handle is 120 millimeters and the width of it is 40 millimeters at the widest point.

— That is a high-quality product made in Europe (stamps have high-resolution, high-quality and precision of lines).

Seal Wax Stamps are intended for sealing:
gift wrapping;
honorary letters and congratulations;
craft paper envelopes;
postal items.